Well hello there! My name is Maven, but most people just call me Vinny. I’m a designer/developer/marketer by day at an awesome place called younity in sunny Encinitas, CA. By night I yoga my ass off and lift heavy sh*t at U.S. CrossFit. My weekends I try to spend as much time outdoors and away from screens, other than the monitor on my camera of course. For fun, I started Aspect Creatio to share my photography and tips I’ve learned, provide tutorials for getting crafty, and my experiences exploring the great wondrous outdoors. This year I am focused on visiting as many National Parks as I can and understanding more about light to better my photo obsession. I am a native Angeleno, spent my formative years in the bootheel of Missouri (thus my obsession with the STL Cards, and now reside in San Diego. I’m a U.S. Navy veteran, during my career I worked on MH-60 helicopters and never spent any time overseas. I’m not a salty sailor because I never stepped foot on a ship, but I sure do cuss like one!