Why You Should Expand Your Device Network With younity

Expanding Your Network Will Only Make It Stronger

Certain things aren’t designed to withstand a lot of expansion. Seams start to split, bubbles begin to burst, and even stars eventually implode. There are, however, products that are meant to endure this type of growth. Not only do they endure, but they occasionally thrive in face of enlargement. The younity app is one such product.

The younity app gets stronger and stronger as you increase the number of mobile devices and computers that you use it on. Rather than cracking under the weight of growing device use, younity flourishes in the face of increased complexity. As your universe of devices expands, younity’s content unification glue becomes more and more fortified. Sure, it’s entirely possible to use younity on a single computer. However, the more devices you install it on, the more you’ll start to experience younity’s organizational beauty.

The younity app is designed to unify the content across as many devices as possible. It creates a network somewhat like a personalized Internet for the files and devices that you own. In the early days of the Internet, there was a lack of functionality and limited capabilities because of the underwhelming size of the network. It was only when that network started to expand that its true potential started to show. Similarly, the network that younity forms between your devices starts to truly shine the more that it grow.

Here’s how it works:

Each of your devices that has younity installed on it is a node. Your collection of nodes forms a network, with younity acting as the glue that keeps it intact. Imagine it like a spider’s web. Each device is a ring in the web, and younity is the long strands that holds those rings together. The more devices that you own, the larger the web becomes, and the more likely it is that your spider catches a fly.

In your younity network, each device contains files. The more devices that you add, the more files you’ll have available at all times. And, installing younity on more devices doesn’t cost you anything extra. Essentially, there’s no reason why not to install younity on every device that you can.


How You Can Benefit From Having One Interface For All of Your Files and Devices

You’re probably saying to yourself, “Sure, that sounds great and all, but my devices are already connected to the Internet. Why would I need a separate network?”

Well, there are three primary reasons for using younity in addition to basic Internet connectivity. They are privacy, simplicity, and spontaneity. The younity app provides these qualities in abundance.


younity fosters a completely privatized network that only you have access to. The Internet is a public network and its users are constantly vulnerable. On the other hand, your younity network is as private as you want. You can easily remove devices, determine what content you want available, and dismantle the entire network at a moment’s notice. younity users can privately share files and access their own files without uploading to a third-party server.


The younity app provides a single interface for all of your content on all of your devices. This simplifies your relationship with your device network and offers a uniform, organized approach toward your digital things. It creates fluidity between devices, making your interaction with your files the same regardless of what device or operating system you’re using. The younity app provides the consistency that you need in an oft-chaotic digital realm.


It’s difficult to be successful spontaneous without a consistent foundation to work with. With younity, users can move effortlessly from device to device. The younity app enables you to forget about where your files live. With a properly formed younity network, all of your files will be accessible at all times. This means you can choose to live completely in the moment, improving your creative productivity and the maximizing the enjoyment that you get out of your devices.


Using Shared or Office Computers

You might have doubts about installing younity on a shared or office computer. For obvious reasons, you don’t want anyone else to have access to your personal files. Fortunately for you, it’s easy to manage your network from any of your connected devices. Consequently, you can temporarily unregister or sign out of any device that you want at any time. The younity app provides the ultimate control over your entire network and only you have the key.

To unregister or sign out of a device, simply open the app on any device in your network. On the mobile app, navigate to “Settings” and scroll down until you see the “Devices” section. You can then tap on the device in question and press the unregister button at the bottom of the screen. In younity’s desktop, you can click on the “My Devices” tab in the top right corner and proceed to unregister whichever ones you’d like.

Help Yourself By Growing Your Network

younityYour network is only as effective as the devices that it contains. The more devices you add, the more powerful your experience with the younity app will be. If you haven’t already done so, you can download the mobile app for free today!

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