Organizing Your Life: A Quick Guide To Minimizing Your Physical Realm And Maximizing Your Digital Efficiency

Trends of Minimalism and How to Stay Sane While Organizing Your Life

There’s been a lot of recent talk about minimalist millennials and the trend of reducing possessions. Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things boasted the top box office opening for an indie documentary in 2016. The producers of the film also run an extremely popular podcast and blog called The Minimalists. This type of cultural readjustment was initially popularized by Marie Kondo’s 2011 book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. The basic mantra of both of these minimalist preachers is “get rid of needless objects and reorganize your life”. This common inclination toward decluttering, organization, and efficiency is budding alongside the expansion of our digital realm. All of this is representative of a growing shift toward experiential spending and away from traditional commodity consumption. And with the help of software sidekicks, organizing your life in this way has never been more approachable.

There are two primary approaches toward gaining peace of mind through minimalism. They include eliminating unnecessary physical goods and subsequently organizing your life. Minimalist stalwarts suggest accomplishing the first task by picking up every item that you own and deciding if it brings you joy. If it doesn’t, then the next step is to throw it out (or preferably donate it). This tactic is fine and all for superfluous knick knack. However, the lines get blurred when we come across keepsakes, mementos, and physical media. Just because we don’t watch our DVD collections or look at our boxes of old photos every day doesn’t mean we should get rid of them.

Organization vs. Monotonization

It’s easy to conflate minimalism and organization with monotonization and granularity. Organizing your life doesn’t have to involve eliminating your creative individualism. While it’s generally unhealthy to look to your possessions for a sense of identity, it’s our keepsakes and media collections that act as helpful reminders of our individuality. And that’s exactly why removing them from your life entirely can be precarious.

Maintaining access to your cherished stuff is important for retaining your individualism and increasing the longevity of your organized lifestyle. You’re far more likely to sustain an organized and productive life if you allow yourself to indulge in the nostalgia and warmth derived from keepsakes. Getting rid of everything can momentarily wipe the slate clean. Although, that slate will more than likely get refilled in no time at all.

So what is the solution? How can I be an organized person and still retain access to all of my favorite stuff? The answer is a lot simpler than you might expect. And it mostly involves digitization.

Digitizing your physical media is the most effective means of removing physical clutter while preserving access to your beloved stuff. Scan your photos and documents, digitize your DVDs, CDs, and vinyl, and perhaps even take pictures of belongings that you enjoy looking at, but don’t actually use all that much. Essentially, create a digital file cabinet for all of your physical things.

organizing your life

How younity Can Foster Individualism, Creative Productivity, and Peace of Mind Through Maximized Efficiency and a Minimalist Approach

As computers offer themselves to greater amounts of storage, we continue to crowd them with an abundance of cluttered files. Storing this abundance of digital files is a completely acceptable and often necessary part of eliminating physical objects in your world. We want to store more on our computers and less in our homes. The problem lies in the clutter. The disorganized computer desktops, the labyrinths of file folders, and the spreading of digital content across multiple devices are as taxing on your psyche as physical disorder.

It’s not that you have too many files. After all, your digital possessions are usually contained within a few devices at most. The trouble is, your digital messiness leaves your files in an unappealing, inefficient, and often unapproachable state. However, instead of tossing your files into the digital garbage, the solution is as simple as downloading an organizational, media management software. And younity is the perfect tool for the job.

There is often too much emphasis on the aesthetics of organization. We need to focus more on action-based organization. This means using organization as a mindset and as a means to an end, rather than the endgame itself. The goal is to feel more creative, productive, peaceful, and whole. Doing that within the context of an exponentially expanding digital realm is increasingly difficult. The younity app can help automate part of the process by maximizing your digital efficiency and organizing your life within your devices.


Organizing Your Life With Software

organizing your lifeMost productivity and organizational apps focus on note taking, list making, and calendar restructuring. The younity app is one of the only digital efficiency tools for decluttering your files and nurturing a minimalistic, orderly, and effective approach toward your media. It’s the simplest way to create unity and structure, while maintaining the type of free flowing creativity that we all strive to achieve.

younity is perfect to use in conjunction with other productivity tools like Evernote, Trello, and Resilio Sync. With younity, you can use any device to access the files stored on any of your computers and open them directly in these other organizational apps. Let’s say you find yourself making a list or taking notes and require an old image or document for reference. Or, perhaps you’d like to listen to your favorite playlist while you work. Or, maybe you just want to take a break and browse through some of your home videos. The younity app has your back.

younity offers a variety of solutions to your digital difficulties. On a mobile device, younity works as your on-the-go access tool. With its desktop app, younity provides a platform for rediscovering and reconnecting with your content. younity will breathe new life into your previously lost, forgotten, or neglected photos, videos, music, and even documents!

The goal of younity is to organize, restructure, and unify your digital things. This way, you can allot more of your valuable time and energy toward being productive and engaging with life. The goal is to stop wasting time searching for files, transferring data, and syncing/uploading your stuff. With younity, you can move effortlessly, fluidly, and efficiently from one of your devices to the next. You can remain focused on what’s important and the tasks at hand, while younity takes care of everything else.

Here’s How It Works:

organizing your lifeyounity works by turning your computer(s) into a personal and private server. The software scans your computer’s hard drive and delivers your files to your mobile devices and other computers. With younity installed on each of your devices, you can create a personal network for file accessing, media streaming, and overall digital organization. As long as the files are on your computer, you can access, stream, download, or share them from within the younity app.

younity automatically organizes your digital stuff by file type. You can browse and enjoy all of your image files, audio files, video files, and documents within their respective sections. Best of all, younity is cross platform and works on any Android and iOS mobile device, as well as any Window’s PC or Mac OS X computer. If you have multiple devices, with a spattering of files spread across them, younity can pull them all together and give you unified access under one roof. So no matter what device you’re using, you’ll have a single organized view of all your files. It’s one interface to approach, utilize, and enjoy all of your digital things.

The younity app enables you to spontaneously and seamlessly interact with the content stored on your many devices. As an organizational tool, younity can help you start to make sense of your digital file labyrinths. As a media player, younity gives you a beautiful and minimalistic interface for enjoying your photos, videos, and music. And as a media server, younity connects all of your devices into a productivity increasing digital web. Your own personal network, your private access solution, and your digital file genie; All brought to you by younity.

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