4 Apps To Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

This Year You’re Actually Going To Keep That Resolution! Here’s How…

To some, the new year signifies nothing more than another rotation around the sun. The once popular “new year, new me” sentiment has recently become a target of cynical mockery and Internet shaming. Still, many of us laud the opportunity to start fresh. And regardless of what those anonymous trolls claim, we all make at least one New Year’s resolution with every passing year. Unfortunately, the vast majority of us fail before January’s end.

The New Year’s resolution tradition is as old as ancient Babylon. In that time, a resolution meant making a promise to the Gods. Breaking that promise led to inevitable damnation. Nowadays, most of us simply make new year’s promises to ourselves. We’re typically not as harsh on ourselves as ancient Babylonians believed the Gods to be. Perhaps this is why we aren’t as good at fulfilling our promises. Or, maybe it’s just that Babylonians didn’t have to walk past endless aisles of junk food whenever they went grocery shopping. In any case, us modern consumers have a tremendously hard time saying no to our vices for extended periods of time.

It’s not easy to conquer resolutions on your own. Fortunately, we’ve compiled the four best apps to help you stay the course. Think of these apps as your partners in righteousness. And if you still end up breaking your year long resolution, remember you can always start February with a “New Month’s resolution”.

4 Resolution Keeping Sidekicks

Use Penzu for help with journaling and resolution tracking.

resolutionPenzu is an incredibly customizable and secure journaling app. It’s available for both desktop and mobile, providing a fluid writing experience as you move from device to device. Penzu provides military-grade encryption and double password protection to uphold the utmost privacy. It has a minimalist yet adjustable design, a tag-based journal search ability, and programmable writing reminders. As a completely free app, Penzu is perfect for keeping tabs on your resolution and recording your improved daily life.

Use Mint for help with finances and savings.

resolutionMint is one of the best financial apps on the market. It helps you keep track of your bills, monitors your credit score, and let’s you set easily programmable savings goals. It visually organizes your funds and spending habits with easy to read graphs. And, Mint provides you with comprehensive weekly and monthly reviews of your top spending categories and savings progress. As a result, Mint users can make better informed financial decisions. There’s truly no better sidekick to help you fulfill your savings resolution this year.

Use Calorie Counter and Food Diary for help with weight loss and nutrition.

resolutionCalorie Counter and Food Diary (CC&FD) is a no-nonsense app that assists with weight loss and nutrition goals. Users can set target weights and goal achievement dates and CC&FD will automatically tell you how many calories you should eat per day and how many pounds you should lose per week. The automation continues as you enter the food diary portion of the app. As users type in their daily food consumption, CC&FD provides comprehensive nutritional information about each morsel, down to a list of micronutrients. CC&FD also pairs with other apps and devices to enable external monitoring and can visually present your progress with detailed charts and graphs. We love CC&FD because unlike most weight tracking apps, its easy-to-use interface keeps users coming back.

Use younity for help with organization and motivation.

resolutionyounity is a media server app that connects all of your files on all of your devices. The younity app enables you to access all of the files stored on your computer(s) from any of the devices that you own. It automatically organizes the files stored on your computer and presents them within a beautifully minimalist desktop and mobile app.

younity is an organizational tool for your digital life. It’s also a platform for enjoying your media, no matter where you are or what device you are using. With younity, you can access, stream, download, and share all of your files, all of the time. Best of all, younity is completely automated and requires no manual uploading, syncing, or file organization. All you have to do is install the app and younity takes care of the rest.

The younity app is the perfect sidekick for completing all of your New Year’s resolutions. It keeps your digital self organized and accessible so that your real self can be as productive and efficient as possible. At the same time, younity is an incredible media playing tool for streaming your favorite playlists in the gym, while you’re journaling, or even when you’re cooking your newfound healthy meals. Regardless of what your resolution is, younity is an excellent partner to have.

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