How You Can Still Benefit From Using younity On A Single Computer

younity Brings Devices and Content Together

younity forms a network for accessing files on your various devices. It’s primary purpose is to foster efficiency and spontaneity as you move from device to device. This being said, younity is still incredibly effective and enjoyable to use on a single computer. With younity’s new desktop interface, you can declutter any individual hard drive and browse your files with a newfound sense of ease and satisfaction. It offers a unique file browser, media manager, media player, and discovery platform. Sure, you’ll certainly get more out of younity if you use multiple devices. Although, a single computer is all you need to start reaping its benefits.

A Combination of Discovery, Efficiency, and Enjoyment


Using younity’s desktop app for a single computer feels somewhat like Apple’s Finder or Window’s Explorer combined with Netflix, Spotify, and a photo viewing software. It merges the accessibility of a file browser with the enjoyability of a media player. When using younity, you’ll find yourself discovering content that had been previously lost or forgotten. And all the while, you’ll be experiencing your own files in a new light. It’s a truly invigorating way to interact with your computer.

You might be thinking, “I already have iTunes and Apple Photos to enjoy my content… why would I need another app?” See, the beauty of younity is that it organizes ALL of your audio files within its “Music” section and ALL of your image files within its “Photos” section. The same goes for video files. You can have images stored in your downloads folder, audio files living on your desktop, and videos scattered throughout your many folders. The younity app collects, organizes, and presents them to you in a neat and orderly fashion.

Upon installation, younity will automatically begin scanning your hard drive. As you open the app, you’ll notice a clean interface that instantly organizes your files into “Music”, “Videos”, “Photos”, and “All Files” categories. Each of these main sections are further divided into subcategories depending on your file types.

All Files


“All Files” acts as a general overview for all of the folders and files on your hard drive. This view resembles a cleaner version of Apple’s Finder or Window’s Explorer. Within this section, you can find files from any category, open them, and proceed to save them in new locations.



The “Music” section feels like a combination of Spotify and iTunes, and will house every single audio file that you have under the same roof. This includes your entire iTunes catalog, as well as any individual song downloads or audio recordings that you have stored in other locations. You can browse these files by Artists, Genres, Songs, and Playlists. The best part is, you can stream your music and continue to peruse the rest of the app simultaneously.



Under the “Videos” section, you’ll see your files organized into “Movies”, “Home Videos”, “TV Shows”, and “GoPro” categories. This section acts like your own personal Netflix. You can scroll through the large, visually appealing thumbnails for each video file and click once to start streaming.



The “Photos” view will organize your photo files into “All Photos”, “Apple Photos”, “GoPro”, and “Adobe Lightroom” sections. The “All Photos” tab will show you every folder that contains photos on your computer. This means that you’ll be able to see images downloaded from the Internet, files uploaded into your Apple Photos, and any other image files, all within the same view. You can then browse your folders and click on any thumbnail to enlarge your view. Once you’ve clicked on an image, you’ll be shown a carousel-type slideshow view that you can scroll through using the right and left arrows.

Single Computer Users Can Still Enjoy younity

younityJust because you don’t own two computers, doesn’t mean you can’t experience the organizational beauty that younity has to offer. Even with a single device, younity will provide you with endless hours of file discovery, enjoyment, and productivity. The younity desktop app will help you rekindle your relationship with your computer, enabling you to experience your content in ways that you had never thought possible.

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