Stream Media From iTunes Account Purchases To Your iPhone And iPad

We’re happy to announce that with younity you can now stream iTunes movies, TV shows and video. This means all the content you bought on iTunes can now be streamed with younity – no downloading or syncing required! We appreciate how much our users love streaming their video with younity, but we’ve been getting a lot of requests to enable them to stream iTunes purchased content. We totally understand that need – until now, if you wanted to watch the movies you bought on iTunes, you had to sync them from your computer to your phone or download them from iTunes to your phone. Neither of those options are very good. Most of us forget to sync our devices until it is too late (we’re away from our computer). Downloading can take a looooong time, even if you are on a good WiFi network. But the real problem is that our devices often don’t have enough storage for a single movie, let alone a movie library! Streaming has never been an option with iTunes. With today’s update, however, you can stream your entire movie iTunes movie collection on-demand.

So what does this mean? If you have a lot of movies and TV shows that you bought on iTunes, you can now carry around that entire library of content on your phone and stream it whenever you want – no planning ahead required. Want a movie while you’re traveling for work? No problem. Need to pacify the kids so you can finish dinner with your spouse at the restaurant (this is a big use case for my wife and I)? We’ve got you covered. younity has always let you unify and carry around your entire music library and all your non-DRM video, but this feature means that your iTunes purchased content is as free to access as all your other content.

We see our users accessing and sharing video more and more each month. It’s as big a deal to us as it is to you; after all, we’re younity users just like you are. We’re going to keep working on making video a better and better experience. Stay tuned, because we have some really fun features coming out very soon to make video even better.

Keep in mind, iTunes video (but not audio) is encrypted with DRM (digital rights management) and is typically not able to be streamed. So to do this, there are a few things to know: 1) we won’t optimize (transcode) streaming the same way we do with your non-DRM video, this results in a full resolution stream that can be slower than normal video playback; 2) we’ll play your video in your device’s Safari web browser, not within our iOS app; 3) younity will not let you share iTunes purchased video because of DRM; and 4) you might need to get your Apple ID keys onto your device if you’ve never used them for video (this is easy, just read this).