Best Resources for Work From Home Jobs in 2017

Work From Home Jobs – The New Norm?

There was a time when work from home jobs were nothing but a far-fetched fantasy. Self-employed freelancers were essentially in-between jobs or just actually unemployed. Nowadays, developments in telecommuting resources and the digitization of everything has generated a sizable swell of remote jobs. Roughly 24 percent of the US workforce did “some or all of their work at home in 2015″. That’s up from 19% in 2003.

The recently established prevalence of work from home jobs came to fruition fairly gradually, and logically. In the age of the startup, smaller fledgling businesses (and larger established ones) began to see less of a need for daily physical meet-ups. Slowly, companies started understanding the benefits of cutting down on workplace and travel costs, while simultaneously improving employee happiness. According to CIPHR, employees with work from home jobs are 48% more likely to rate their occupation a 10/10 on the happiness scale. Add to that the fact that remote workers are actually 20% more productive than their office-bound counterparts, and telecommuting starts to make a lot of sense.

The rise of work from home jobs partly stems from the growth of remote-friendly opportunities. The Internet (and digital technology in general) creates a near-endless stream of occupations that are entirely fulfillable from home. Software engineers, digital marketers, and customer service positions are just a few of the most popular home-based positions. Still, many companies with conventional positions are readily boarding the work from home train.

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Resources For Remote Jobs

For those of you that already have work from home jobs, you can skip ahead to the next section. Below you’ll find tips and resources for finding a way to work remotely.

Finding Remote Jobs

work from home jobs It’s important to avoid potential scams when searching for remote jobs. You should only use trusted employment sites (like FlexJobs or Upwork) and be extra wary of anything that looks too good to be true. Obviously, “too good to be true” is subjective, and it’s often difficult to see through the fog of these remote work mirages. The best way to maintain your online integrity is to do the research. Don’t send your personal information to anyone without confirming their legitimacy, either through online job review sites (like Glassdoor) or more traditional entities like the Better Business Bureau.

Each year, FlexJobs releases a list of their “Top 100” companies offering work from home jobs. Each of these companies and their relative offerings are vetted for legitimacy. Unfortunately, the overall desirability of these positions isn’t taken into account. Many work from home jobs offer monotonous duties for lowered salaries with the perks of flexibility and convenience. It’ll require a bit of research on your end in order to find the sweet spot between the appealing and the remote-friendly.

Here’s FlexJobs’ most recent list, curtesy of Forbes: Top 100 Remote Work Companies in 2017

work from home jobs As we mentioned above, Upwork is another great resource for finding remote work opportunities. It’s a one-stop-shop for employers and potential work from home nomads. All resume crafting and hiring processes take place through the site, ensuring the utmost legitimacy and fostering a user-friendly atmosphere for both parties involved. And a easy, personable environment greatly benefits both prospective employees and the hiring managers involved.

Additionally, Jobscribe is an incredibly useful resource for finding work from home jobs. It’s an email subscription service that sends daily, weekly, or monthly emails with remote opportunities. Specifically, these positions are at tech startups and involve marketing, design, and software development. Jobscribe is a nifty supplement to your more traditional job search ventures.

Tools For The Remote Worker

Be Seen & Heard

Most work from home jobs will require at least a small amount of face-to-face interaction. Although, that interaction will almost always take place within a computer screen. That’s why it’s absolutely crucial to have a decent web cam and a quality pair of headphones with a built-in microphone. While most modern computers have a built in camera and mic, you should still consider whether or not you’ll need an upgrade. The Logitech C920 is an incredible product for under $60 and offers 1080p high definition streaming.

Don’t Forget The Paper

Don’t ever underestimate the usefulness of a scanner. While most remote jobs will be primarily paperless, it’s still a good idea to have a reliable printer & scanner on hand. Check out this wireless, all-in-one Canon printer for under $90.

Communication Is Key

work from home jobs It’s easy to retreat into hermit-mode while working from home. Don’t forget to give updates, ask questions, and have a relatively consistent stream of communication with your colleagues and employer. Messenger and video-conference tools like Slack, Skype, and HighFive are crucial to promoting open lines of communication.


Stay comfortable while maintaining efficiency. A cozy office chair, clean desk space, ergonomic computer mouse, and a quality monitor can turn any home into a high-functioning workspace. This wireless mouse by Anker will take some getting used to, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

You’re Free To Explore

It’s adventure time! One of the many perks of working remotely is the ability to live wherever there’s reliable Wi-Fi. Remote workers love to travel, and the resources for telecommuting nomads abound.

work from home jobs One such resource is Nomad List. This incredibly helpful site lets you browse the best remote work locations in the world by using monetary, climate, and internet quality parameters. You can also filter query results based on nearby activities, safety and security ratings, and the prospective months that you would visit. Nomad List provides reliable user ratings and reviews of each location, assuring you the best possible stay determined by your needs.

Another great nomadic worker opportunity is Remote Year. This program offers an all-inclusive package of 12 cities (one per month) throughout the world. You’ll have guaranteed Wi-Fi and quality workspaces, about 50-80 other nomadic partners, and the ability to get paid while exploring. There are several other programs just like Remote Year, so there’s bound to be one that fits within your ideal travel plans.

Bring Your Digital Things With You No Matter Where You Go

work from home jobs Our final remote work resource is a useful tool for both stay-at-home and constantly wandering remote work aficionados. The younity app is a media server software that will transform the way you interact with your digital files. It’s a means for enjoying your media, organizing your digital life, and unifying all of your devices.

With younity, you can work remotely with the security and assurance that you’ll always have your files with you. The younity app creates a personal and private network between all of your devices and the files stored within them. You can move freely from place to place, and device to device, without ever having to worry about where your files are stored. All of your digital things are always available at your fingertips, with younity.

The younity app works by scanning your computer’s hard drive and serving your files to your other devices. It automatically organizes and displays your files by content type, increasing your ability to enjoy your media while maximizing the efficiency of your digital life. Best of all, there’s no uploading, syncing, or manual input required. Simply install younity on your devices, and the software will take care of the rest.

Maybe you want to work from home and maintain access to your office computer? Or, maybe you want to work nomadically and be able to access your files wherever you go? With younity, you can be anywhere, using any of your devices, and truly stay connected, secure, and unified.

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