younity 1.5 Released – File Sharing, Facebook, Google+, External Hard Drives and more

We’re excited to announce younity 1.5 has been released today. If you are an existing user, your computer will auto-update and we encourage you to download the updated iOS app from the App Store at your earliest opportunity (you must have the updated desktop software and mobile app to get the benefit of the new features). We’ve been listening to your feedback and this release should be emblematic of that. Far and away the biggest request we’ve had was to include files stored on external hard drives, additional internal hard drives and the ability to select/deselect any directory on your computer. Not only have we included this in the new release, we wanted to make sure that it was done in a flexible manner, such that you can plug-in/unplug/plug-in the drive and even move it between younity devices and it will continue to work automatically. If you are an existing user and want to add files outside your user directory (on external drives, etc.), simply click the younity icon in your menu/sys tray, then select ‘Preferences’, then ‘Add Location’. New users, upon installing younity it will auto-detect and include all connected storage devices.

However, our biggest feature addition is far and away file sharing. File sharing has been an enormous request from our users and we’re happy to announce, what we hope you’ll find to be, avery unique and fun way to share your files with the people you know. younity now lets you share any file, stored on any computer, directly to any friend you have. Perhaps most importantly, you can do this from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet, even if you don’t have access to the computer where the file is stored. You can share files in two ways: 1) directly to a younity account, by entering your friend’s email address; or 2) to any of your friends’ Facebook accounts. In both cases, if your friend is not a current younity user they will get an email or Facebook Message telling them you’ve shared a file with them. If you used email, they will get an email telling them the file you shared and indicating they need to download the younity mobile app from the iOS App Store. However, if you used Facebook, they will get a private Facebook Message indicating you’ve shared a file with them. Upon accepting the share in Facebook, they will authorize the younity Facebook App (that runs within the Facebook platform here: We should note that Facebook Apps only run in the desktop browser; if a friend tries to accept the Facebook share on their mobile phone, Facebook will automatically send them to the iOS App Store to get our mobile app. Facebook controls this, we can’t affect it in any way. Also, we should mention that all files shared to Facebook are private and can only be seen by the recipient; they do not getposted publicly to anyone’s Timeline or anywhere else.

Our file sharing works a bit differently in that music and video cannot be downloaded or re-shared, however documents and photos can. Furthermore, all your shares will auto-expire after a given period of time, which is currently set to one month? We would like to hear your feedback on this over time- should it be longer, shorter or customizable. Of course, you can control files you’ve shared at any time from the “Sharing” menu within the younity mobile app, simply by going to the “Files you’ve shared” section to stop sharing any file.

We’ve also made it so that you can create your account using either younity credentials (email/password), your Facebook account or your Google+ account. If you already have a younity account, you can link your Facebook account via the “Settings” menu in the younity iOS app. If you don’t link your Facebook account, you will not be able to share files to your Facebook friends, but you will be able to share directly to another younity account (email).

Lastly, we’ve included the ability to PIN lock the younity app. This should provide added security for those who choose not to PIN lock their phone, but wish to make sure their remote files are not easily accessible should they lose their phone.

This has been a huge release, one which we thought we’d push much sooner. There are many, many bug fixes that we hope provide a much more consistent user experience. We look forward to your feedback, as we attempt to first ensure this release is stable and working to your expectations and then start working on another incredible set of features to get you excited (the next major release has some great stuff!).

Thanks to all our amazing users for your input and your patience. We are listening and working as hard as we can to get you great software.

Feature summary:

— File sharing (via younity accounts or Facebook)

— Include files on external hard drives, additional internal hard drives

— Select/deselect and directory on your computer

— Facebook or Google+ account creation

— Option to PIN lock the younity app