Introducing younity’s First Desktop Application – Unify Your Digital Life

younity Desktop Application – Desktop-to-Desktop and Desktop(s)-to-Mobile

We’re extremely excited to announce the arrival of the younity desktop application today. This has been a huge project for us and a major priority of ours from the day we started the company. While this first version has a long way to go and a lot of feature development before it matures, it symbolizes the completion of all but one final component of our platform (that’s another announcement, coming soon).

Thus far, younity has essentially been a remote access-centric media server, the first one built specifically for mobile. While we find that to be useful, our end-goal was never to simply be a mobile-first media server. We started this company to solve the problem of multi-device computing – virtually every one of us uses multiple computers and mobile devices. Many of us also use an online storage service, if not more than one. This has resulted in the endlessly frustrating issues around content fragmentation – our content is scattered across multiple devices and online services. Often times, our files are in more than one place, resulting in duplicated content. While the release of our desktop software does not bring an end to this problem (sadly), it is a huge step towards bringing an end to it. So why is this a big deal and where do we go from here?

younity desktop allows you to discover your own content and access it anywhere.

You might be thinking, “Discover my own content? Why is that a big deal?!?” According to Gartner, the average person has about 1.3 terabytes of content and the average household has roughly 3.3TBs. That’s a lot of stuff. According to Cisco, this content is spread across more than 7 devices per person!

To put it bluntly, most of us have lost our own content on our devices – it’s there, but exactly where is anyone’s guess. younity’s desktop software not only finds it all for you, but organizes it into categories of content, like Home Videos versus Movies versus TV Shows. It unifies photo catalogs. It merges music across multiple iTunes accounts/libraries and even incorporates all that music you never imported into iTunes. It then lets you browse your content in big media-centric views, giving you a Netflix-like view of your own video, a Spotify-like view of your music, and a single place to find all those photos. Most importantly, it does all this without you lifting a finger.

You don’t have to put your files into neatly organized directories. You don’t have to tell younity when you put new content on a computer. In fact, you don’t even have to know where the stuff is. And you don’t have to browse the content of one computer (or media server) at a time – you can see it all at once, from any device you own. That’s a big deal.


However, lets be clear – this is the beginning, not the end. Today’s release is the foundation of a very exciting future, where new features increase our ability to find, filter, access and share our content. We’re a pretty small company that has built our tech from scratch, which is very hard to do. It has, nonetheless, put us in charge of our own destiny. Our feature roadmap is aggressive and lengthy, but bit-by-bit we will get it done. Given this first release is certainly not going to have all the features we might want out of the gate, we wanted to share our short to mid-term plans with you, which you can see below. Your feedback and participation in helping us make younity is key, so we encourage you to keep being vocal about the things you care about, what can be better and what needs to get fixed.


In the meantime, we’re happy to offer lifetime licenses of younity for a very big discount of $36. This lets you have all future versions of younity forever, for the cost of a single year of younity. This is a limited time offer. Over the next several months the feature-set in younity will rapidly increase and we expect to increase our pricing early next year.

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