younity Premium

If you’re reading this you probably know by now that Premium is here. So what does that mean exactly? Let’s take a look at the what, when, why, and how of younity Premium.

We’ve come a long way since younity was first launched. We’ve made major strides in functionality and features, but we have a lot more to do to fully realize our vision. In this next stage of development, our mission is to make younity more powerful and intuitive, while also delivering often-requested new features.

younity has been free since the beginning–free of cost, and also free from ads, data collection, or anything of the sort. While we love free stuff as much as you do, the time has come for younity to establish a sustainable business model.

We’ll still offer a free version, but we’ll also have the Premium plan which includes a few features used by our most active users. Here’s a snapshot of the free plan versus younity Premium:

✓ Unlimited Access (local network)
Download Files
High Quality Audio
Remote Access
✓ Unlimited Access (local network)
✓ Download Files
✓ High Quality Audio
✓ Remote Access
  • Unlimited Access (local network): Access all your content when your computer and mobile devices are on the same network/LAN (e.g. both computer and mobile devices are on your home network or your work network, etc.).
  • Download Files: Download files from your computer to your mobile device so you can access them when your mobile device doesn’t have an internet connection.
  • High-Quality Audio: Stream music from your computer at the highest quality possible.
  • Remote Access: Access your content when your computer is on one network and you are on another network (i.e. over a WAN). For example, if your computer is on your home network, but your smartphone is connected to your friend’s home Wifi network.

The Premium plan was released in August, and all users (existing and new) can try younity Premium free for one week. To upgrade your account to Premium or start your free trial, open the younity app on your mobile device and go to Settings > Subscription. In the future, the Premium plan will be available through our website, but currently, the only way to upgrade to Premium is through the app.

Over the next several months a variety of more advanced and powerful features and products will be introduced, as well as additional options for Premium subscriptions.

We’re looking forward to bringing you awesome new products and working like crazy to earn your trust, continued support, and hopefully your business. Thanks for supporting younity and helping power our product into the future!

For more information about Premium, see our FAQ about younity Premium. And for more info about why we’re making this change, see our CEO Erik Caso’s blog post.